Oct 21, 2019    Blog

Do you need travel insurance if you`re traveling within Canada?

One of the most common misconceptions that many travelers experience when traveling within Canada is that their provincial health insurance coverage will actually cover all medical expenses when they travel out of province.

If you're traveling outside of your home province, the Ontario Ministry of Health suggests that you could only get access to emergency your immediate medical care if you fall ill unexpectedly while traveling, working or attending a school in a different province.

Preparing with the right medical insurance even if you're traveling within Canada is a good idea. There can be a number of unexpected costs especially if you are traveling while pregnant or with a medical condition. Just because you are still traveling within the country, a large majority of some of the medical services that you are receiving could be provided at a provincial level.

For Non-emergency medical care, you need to purchase from a company like Life Advice Insurance inc. who provide   Travel Medical Insurance for Canadians who travel outside of your province within Canada as well as Canadians who travel outside of Canada

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