Oct 21, 2019    Blog

Why consider super visa insurance?

The super visa is one of the easiest ways for parents and grandparents to visit any of their family members in Canada and remained for an extended stay up to 24 months at a time without having to directly renew their status.

In order to receive a super visa and take advantage of this incredibly flexible method for bringing parents and grandparents into the country, a person must first qualify 

Super visa applicants need to submit proof of medical insurance before they can qualify for the visa. In order for super visa insurance to be considered valid a minimum of $100,000 in coverage for healthcare, repatriation and hospitalization all need to be proven. and Life Advice Insurance Inc is one of the companies offering this insurance coverage.

Anyone can apply for this coverage so that they can get access to the super visa application process. With the visa that could be valid for up to 10 years with multi-entries to Canada, it is well worth considering the type of insurance coverage that will qualify for this visa.

If you are interested in Purchasing Super Visa Insurance so that you can apply for this Super visa in Canada, be sure to contact our company today. We offer several competitive insurance selections for super visa coverage. We will make sure the process is easier by ensuring that you have the right type of Visa insurance coverage to make the application. Rather than having to search through a variety of different insurance plans, we search comparable plans which will be suitable or your needs.