Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about Travel Insurance

Travel insurance offers protection against unexpected events that can happen before or during traveling. Traveling insurance will cover both minor and major accidents. Generally, basic insurance plans cover emergency medical costs, whereas, an all-inclusive policy normally covers flight delays, trip cancellation, baggage lost, and more. Keep in mind that most of the companies will not cover the risks listed on the Government of Canada’s travel advisory site.
There are several important reasons to buy travel insurance. Your Canadian health insurance plan and provincial health plan will not cover your medical bills outside Canada. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will provide safety against travel-related tragedies and unforeseen medical costs.
Usually, travelers are encouraged to get travel insurance to cover themselves from the following risks:
  • Sickness, accidental injury or death of you, your family member or traveling partner
  • Cancellation, interruption or delay in the trip because of bad weather
  • Stolen, delayed or lost luggage
  • Strikes or unpredicted events that can cause complete termination of travel activities.
It all depends on the seriousness and stability of your illness. Some illnesses are covered easily, while others need 3-6 months stability period.
Tip cancellation or tip protection is a benefit that provides reimbursement for travel expenses if your trip is canceled before departure and because of a covered risk.
One trip insurance plan is designed and offered to tourists who are preparing and planning to go on a trip and need an insurance policy that will cover cancellation and medical expenses for that particular trip only.
Multi-trip insurance plans are available for travel enthusiasts who go on frequent journeys and need a policy that will cover their insurance claims for as many trips as they wish within a specific period.
Depending on the covered risk, you need to complete the relevant claim form and send us with necessary supporting documents. Call us at +1-855-500-8999, we will send you relevant information and supporting documents to make a claim.
If you are traveling, you can extend your coverage before its termination date. Call us at +1-855-500-8999, our representative will assist you in extending your coverage.