Single trip travel insurance is an essential and affordable way that you can protect yourself during any type of tip for unexpected emergencies. Whether you’re going to be traveling outside of your current home province or you are planning a trip abroad, the proper health insurance plan for a single trip can prepare you for any eventuality that can come up along the way.

There are many different types of single trip insurance available for the average Canadian consumer. If you are going be planning an extended stay or even a short vacation here are some of the top types of travel insurance plans for single trip destinations:

  • Emergency Medical Single Trip Insurance

  • All-inclusive Emergency Medical Insurance

  • Emergency medical Top Up

  • International Student Insurance

Emergency medical single trip insurance

emergency medical single trip insurance can provide you with insurance coverage of several million dollars depending on the type of coverage that you need in a foreign country. Keep in mind that the average cost of a hospital stay in some parts of the world can run into thousands of dollars per day and even more if emergency surgery or a procedure is required. Emergency medical single trip insurance will cover the cost of transporting you back to Canada or the cost of the medical coverage that you will require a local hospital. Rather than having to pay out-of-pocket expenses without insurance, you can prepare for the worst case scenario with this type of favored medical single trip insurance.


All-inclusive emergency medical insurance can include trip interruption insurance, baggage loss insurance, damage and delay insurance on your flight, travel accident insurance, emergency medical insurance and more. This type of insurance coverage will help to protect you in the event of any type of losses to your personal property as well as delays and inconveniences that can happen along the way during travel. If you are going to be transporting expensive gifts with you or traveling to a destination where your arrival time is crucial, this type of all-inclusive insurance can help to make sure that your trip goes smoothly and that you can avoid the extra costs that can be associated with rescheduling your trip, damages and delays to your items as well as full trip cancellation. Whether your health is currently in question or you have experienced delays in the past, this is an all-inclusive single trip insurance coverage that will help you to prepare for almost any eventuality that could happen as you are traveling. Generally there are many different types of trip insurance available in this category with different coverage levels based off of the cost of your vacation. Way these options and consider the expenses that may be required for your trip and the coverage options you would like to include.

Trip interruption and trip cancellation insurance: These are items that can generally be added as part of all-inclusive insurance or as a standalone level of insurance. If you have a trip planned and you want to make sure that you will not be charged the full amount if you have to cancel, this type of insurance will cover you against unforeseen problems in the planning and cancellation of your vacation. Trip interruption insurance can also provide you with reimbursements if for some reason your vacation needs to be interrupted in order for you to come back for work or an emergency. Different coverage levels can help to reimburse you for the total cost of your trip or for partial cost of your trip based off of the risk and insurance package that you see fit for your next vacation. Including this item as part of single trip insurance will help to protect your best interests when planning any trip.

Emergency medical Top Up

An Emergency Medical Top up insurance will provide additional levels of coverage during a multi trip plan or when your current medical insurance does not provide you enough to cover the entire trip. Emergency medical top ups will help to supplement your level of care or current insurance if you need extra assistance when traveling. If you currently have some medical insurance coverage for single trip insurance, this type of pop-up coverage will allow greater peace of mind during any trip knowing that the extra costs associated with your trip or unforeseen medical expenses can be covered.

Keep some of these top types of single trip insurance coverage packages available. Remember that a combination of each one of these or all inclusive single trip travel insurance can provide you with some vast improvements to your stress and peace of mind during a trip.

International student insurance

If you are an international student staying in a foreign country it’s extremely important that you consider getting an international student insurance plan. International student health insurance and travel insurance are both comprehensive plans that need to be addressed if you are planning on studying in a foreign country.

While you can generally obtain a student visa without any type of medical insurance or travel insurance, having these types of insurance amendments can help to protect you from thousands of dollars in extra charges that you can incur in costs for healthcare, travel delays and more. Some of the most requested types of international student insurance plans include:

International student medical insurance plans can cover students who plan on staying for more than one year in the country for an educational program. Plans can include insurance coverage up to several million dollars in benefits for students during the course of their program. These types of benefits can include subsidized costs for medications, dental exams, eye tests, medical exams, as well as some minor procedures. These types of coverages can help to prevent a serious cost in the event of a medical emergency as well as handle general medical care when you are travelling.

International travel insurance can cover set amounts from several tens of thousands of dollars up to several million dollars. Coverage can provide reimbursement for travel cancellations, reimbursement for the cost of coming home early from a program or even reimbursement for delays in rescheduling in travel. This can be helpful insurance to have if you plan on regularly traveling or using accommodations during the course of your international student experience. Whether you are going to be crossing multiple borders or regularly travelling from home and back during your visa, this type of travel insurance can cover you for some of the costs of rescheduling, cancellations and losses during your travel experience.

These types of insurance plans can cover several different health insurance options for international students. With budget options available as well as extensive coverage available you can get access to international student insurance that will cover you for all major prescriptions, doctors appointments and even major hospital stays and emergencies. Having access to this level of health insurance over the course of your entire international student program will help to provide you with peace of mind and prevent serious costs that can be associated with medical care in a foreign country. Getting access to even a base level of coverage could help to prevent ongoing expenses from medical appointments, the cost of a hospital stay or even the ongoing costs of prescriptions.

Rather than paying out-of-pocket for all of your medical coverage, you could receive a huge break during the course of your international student program and in the event of an emergency.

Some interesting amendments that you could also look into for international student insurance could come through the international program you are attending. A number of colleges and universities offer their own health insurance plan for international students or partnerships with major insurance providers for discounts on this type of coverage. There are some colleges and universities that also require some type of health insurance coverage in order to admit international students into their program. Having these types of assurances and discounts can help to improve the success rate of international students as well as the overall savings that international students can experience during their travels.

If you are interested in getting some type of international insurance coverage during your stay or during an international program, you should strongly consider applying for insurance before leaving to attend a new international program or internship. Preparing for the worst case scenario in making sure that your visa standards or admission requirements can be upheld is important. As the cost of being an international student is often considerably higher, it is important to protect yourself for the future and make sure that you have the greatest chance of success in completing an international program while living reasonably in a foreign country. Contact an insurance provider today for more information on the costs and insurance coverage programs available for your current situation. For one flat rate fee for your program or one ongoing monthly fee during your program, you could be covered for any type of medical emergency or travel emergency in a foreign country.