Travelling itself is an expensive affair and a medical emergency adds to the expense. It is advisable to be well prepared for all contingences especially if you are in foreign land.
Imagine, you are a visitor to Canada and a medical mishap occurs. Treatment can’t wait till you are back home and

nor will your insurance company settle claims for bills paid abroad. Though medical expenses in Canada are not as high as in a few countries, but falling ill or meeting with an accident in Canada could see you paying for unexpected medical treatment.
Health care is not free for visitors to Canada and neither are they covered by provincial health insurance plans. Moreover, one of the key requirements for Parent or grandparent super visa is having a private medical insurance from a Canadian Insurance company.
LIFEADVICE.CA provides comprehensive insurances for visitors to Canada. Whether you are travelling to Canada for business or tourist purposes, or if you are going to be responsible for family members visiting you, then it is most advisable to get an insurance policy. The policy provides with emergency medical coverage in case of illness or injury while in Canada. Buying insurance from a Canadian company will ensure that your claim procedure for medical expenses is faster as the local insurance companies have easier access to the records. Additionally, the insurers are well protected from any major financial setback that could accompany a major illness.
Buying insurance for visitors to Canada before they arrive ensures that there are no gaps in coverage. These policies are only for new illnesses or injuries, which may develop while visiting. Pre-existing conditions are not covered in these policies.
Contact us at LIFEADVICE.CA and visitors to Canada will be provided with the best options available in the market. Insurance quotes from the top Canadian insurance companies are made available on our site so that clients can easily compare the prices and coverages offered. This aids in taking a well informed decision and buying the most suitable insurance policy.
Contact us and get personalized services to develop the perfect policy which suits your requirements and needs

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