Traveling is a blissful feeling where you can experience adventure, a sense of belonging, and new information on different cultures. But apart from those positive outcomes, there is always a lingering risk when traveling. Family holidays can experience inevitable situations such as an accident that, no matter how careful you are, if it happens, it will really happen. It would be a hassle if there is an emergency that you need to attend to. Natural or man-made disasters are something that you cannot avoid. These are things that you don’t want to happen when you travel, but they CAN happen in one way or the other. With this, Canadian travel insurance must be secured prior going out of the country. So now, you’ve bought travel insurance, what’s next? Here are some tips for when you are planning to travel outside of Canada:

Inform your travel insurance provider that you will be traveling on specific dates. This is in order to prevent nullification and voiding of your insurance policy.
Print out your policy information and always have it with you when going in and out of your hotel or the place you are staying. In cases of emergencies, it’s your ticket to medical attention or any kind of help that you will need. A print-out of the policy can be prone to misplacing, so might as well have an electronic copy with you and save one on your mobile phone.
Obtain the contact information of the Canadian Embassy office of the country that you are traveling to. This is for diplomatic cases where only your home country can help. This is a difficult situation to be in thus it would be very wise to have this information with you.
For immediate medical attention, you may also want to find out the 911 phone number equivalent for emergencies, just in case. Simply because 911 is a very popular emergency number, not all countries use this number for emergency calls, thus it is not universal. Obtaining the foreign country’s emergency numbers would help you in unwanted situations.
Traveling should be fun and unforgettable moments should not be the ones where you encountered a problem and you didn’t have your travel insurance policy with you or you haven’t bought one at all.