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Critical Insurance


Critical illness is a stressful event an individual and can disturb your financial balance manifold. Critical Illness Insurance can help you pay-off such financial overheads in life-altering illness. If you are insured under Critical Illness Insurance and the policy covers for the associated illness, you receive a lump-sum amount in cash to pay for the expenses.

Life Insurance


Life is uncertain. Unfortunate events like an untimely death of the breadwinner can put a family at a great risk of being financially insecure.
The Term Plan is a pure risk cover plan and an economical means of providing an adequate level of financial protection. In this plan, the life cover amount (sum assured) is paid to the beneficiary in case of the unfortunate death of the life insured.

Disability Insurance


Disability Insurance, also known as Disability Income Insurance insures a person’s income against a risk of disability which can inhibit the person to earn the usual livelihood. Disability insurance provides you a financial support if you are disabled and unable to work and make a regular income.

Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is one of the most important things you would need before stepping out for an overseas vacation/trip; because it protects you against many perils you may come across while travelling abroad. While you are on an overseas vacation, you would like to experience the lifestyle, cuisine, adventure, etc of the place you are visiting.