Visitors to Canada

A perfect vacation involves a lot of planning so that it can be spent hassle-free and without any worries. Travel insurance is a type of insurance that helps you make this happen. Travel insurance is a comprehensive policy which intends to cover accidental losses and expenses while travelling. It gives you an assurance that in case of emergencies while travelling internationally or within the Canada, you have a financial back-up. One should not overlook such important details and look for suitable insurance plans along with other trip planning.

Travel Insurance Policy

If the Traveller has to cancel his trip due to an unexpected reason, a sustained injury/illness for instance, then the travel insurance covers the loss. Some plans also include terminations due to bad weather conditions. As long as the events are unexpected the policy covers the loss and depending upon the scenario you get either a percentage or the complete cost.

Lost/Stolen baggage or valuables can also be covered as per the plan you opt for. In case of delay of baggage the insurance will pay for emergency items like medicines etc. If the baggage is lost, the insurance pays for the total value of items lost.

Travel Insurance Products

There are varieties of travel insurance products in the market to suit varied requirements of people who travel frequently & people who travel occasionally.  As per your personal preference you can choose a daily or annual coverage. If you are travelling outside Canada then the Provincial Medical Plans might not cover for emergency medical expenses. Such medical emergencies overseas can be overpowering for travellers, which is why most of the Canadian citizens who travel overseas for a holiday purchase comprehensive travel insurance products. These insurance products keep you prepared of any kind of mishap and help you pay for unexpected medical expenses.

Types of Losses and Expenses We Cover

There are various types of losses and expenses that Travel insurance covers. Medical emergency is one such circumstance when you might get stuck and emotionally worked-up. During a medical emergency, any accident or a life threatening pre-existing conditions the patient will be treated till he/she is stable. This becomes even more sensitive when you are in a foreign country hence Travel Insurance becomes even more imperative. Travel Insurance will save you from paying immediately for the treatment. In case of absence of adequate facilities, medical insurance covers emergency emigration.

What a Travel Insurance would covers for?

Theoretically the expenses you incur result from an acute, sudden and unexpected emergency are covered by Travel Insurance.

Emergency Medical Expenses

In case of hospitalization due to a medical emergency the insurance company pays on your behalf. The coverage includes paying for medical treatment, services of a physician, ambulance, various essential diagnostics like x-ray, medicines/prescription drugs(supplements like vitamins excluded), rental of essential medical appliances, private nurses etc.

Non-Emergency Medical Treatment

The insurance company also bears the cost for non-emergency treatments which is a direct result of Emergency medical treatment.

Emergency Evacuation

In case you have to be transported to the nearest medical facility with required treatment, then this cost is also covered by the insurer.

Accidental Death

Death from an accident which incurs during boarding, travelling and leaving the airplane is covered by the insurer. Death due to any accident during the coverage period is also covered by the company. The loss is paid to your beneficiary on your behalf.